Oh Honey

Our Oh Honey product line!    

Not everyone needs to avoid sugar and net carbs to the extreme. But the *refined* (think over-concentrated) sugars and flours used in conventional baking today still overburden our bodies with blood sugar spikes and lows, leading to epidemic insulin resistance - a precursor to diabetes.

This is why we sweeten our Oh Honey line with natural sugars like honey and coconut sugar, while still sticking with our nut-based flours. The natural, unrefined sugars keep their built-in nutrients that are shown to support healthy insulin response in the pancreas, and to help prevent insulin resistance. Meanwhile, the protein and fiber in the nut flours help to stabilize metabolism and glucose levels while curbing hunger and cravings. And of course, these treats taste AMAZING!

And yes, the Oh Honey product line is still all gluten-free!

The Oh Honey line is NOT keto-friendly, but we are committed to continuing to bake all our great keto-friendly treats as well.

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