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Oh Goodness Bakery

Cheesecake Duo

Cheesecake Duo

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This Item is for pick-up only at 33 & Elm Coffee House after 10AM on Feb 10 OR after 10AM on Feb 14th.

One slice of chocolate cheesecake, and once slice of vanilla cheesecake topped w/ raspberry puree & white chocolate.

As usual, both items are gluten-free and keto-friendly with no added sugar. It's all the pleasure and special moments, without all the sugar and excessive carbs!

Package contains: (Click each item for nutritional information of each.) No substitutions.

One slice of Chocolate Cheesecake (current view)
One slice of Vanilla Cheesecake w/ Raspberry Puree & White Chocolate

Packaged in a Valentine's decorated clamshell.

38g Total Carbs
- 8g Fiber
- 24g Sugar Alcohol
- 0g Allulose
  6g Net Carbs
✔ Keto Friendly
✔ No Sugar Added
✔ Gluten Free
Chocolate Cheesecake Slice:
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